Paul's Story

Paul Ruthven-Murray

I'm a passionate classic car collector and restorer, and have acquired a wealth of knowledge about the industry.

I'm also a professional house researcher and historian, and for the last 10 years have worked with architectural draughtsman and model maker Ben Taggart at our sister company Archistory. We've impressed many clients with detailed stories and drawings of their properties. Our Archistories are legendary, and have featured in Country life, Interiors and Listed Property Magazine. 

One day a client commissioned an Archistory of his property. As he showed us round, he paused and asked us if we could also produce a short history of his cherished vintage car, set the text around some drawings of it, and frame it. We did just that, and Autostory was born.


Ben's Story

Ben Taggart

I founded Ben Taggart Modelmaking & Design in 1994, producing detailed architectural models for private clients, property developers, museums and architects. Notable projects have included a manor house built by Sir John Soane, Nonsuch Palace for The Friends of Nonsuch Palace and a model of Auschwitz for the Imperial War Museum.

In 2009 I decided to combine my love of architecture, eye for detail and training in typography and graphic design, with my passion for history. ‘Archistory’ was founded, and since then  I have created framed house history prints with Paul for clients all over the world. It's now a pleasure to be doing the same with Autostory.

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