The making of an Autostory print

Our service is entirely bespoke, and we love all kinds of vehicles! 

We take commissions from owners all over the world, or from their friends and partners who would like the Autostory to be a surprise gift. 

After initial contact with the client, Paul will research available records at the regional car licensing agency, and consult the factory and the Owners' Club for any important history. He can also get in touch with previous owners, and with their permission, include relevant stories or details about the car. If a famous personality has owned the vehicle, Paul can highlight this if required.

He will then work with Autostory draughtsman and designer Ben Taggart. We will liaise with you over the selection and quantity of line drawings to be included in the print, and also the typography used. It is possible, for example, to mimic the original fonts in the manufacturer's brochure or handbook.

Colouration or tinting is also an option.

Final decisions on layout are agreed and a proof prepared. Autostories can be printed on a wide variety of papers, up to A1 size. We can also sympathetically dry-mount and frame the final work.

For delivery times please contact us. We have been known to do the impossible!


Jowett Javelin 1949


Mercedes 170VK 1951

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